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Q. Is there an easy way to pay invoices and deposits ?
A. Yes, if you have internet banking facilities with a "pay anyone" link, you can pay invoices directly. Follow the links provided by your banks facilities.
The BRAEWORKS bank BSB and account numbers are included on the invoice or quotation.
If a transaction description can be entered, please indicate the invoice or quotation number/s.
Alternatively, payments can be made over the phone by credit card.

Q. Can I pay by cheque ?
A. No, unless payment by cheque has been pre-approved in writing by BRAEWORKS. If so, please indicate the invoice number or quotation number on the back of the cheque and mail the cheque to BRAEWORKS at the address shown in the contacts page. BRAEWORKS may not deliver products or services until the cheque has been cleared.

Please Note: Payments are not considered paid until they have been cleared and appear in BRAEWORKS bank account.
For payments by cheques, please allow up to 7 working days before funds are cleared.


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Q. Where can I obtain interface connections for non BRAEWORKS products ?
A. BRAEWORKS is not at liberty to provide information or specifications, not in the public domain, for product not supplied by BRAEWORKS.
BRAEWORKS may be able to assist, please contact BRAEWORKS.

Please see the Standard Terms and Conditions for more information.