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BRAEWORKS Privacy Policy

Privacy of Information

Any private data or other private information is only accessible to persons who require access to provide for customers needs. The amount of private information is reduced to only that required to provide for customers needs.

Information provided to BRAEWORKS is not sold or passed on. Information is collected to allow customers to purchase BRAEWORKS products and services. And access support.


Passwords are not stored as plain text. Passwords are encrypted and the encrypted variable is stored. It provides no information about the original password. Passwords are only transmitted using SSL encryption.

Please Note: If a password is lost, BRAEWORKS cannot provide the user with a copy of the password. Use the "Password forgotten" link on the login page and a new password will be sent via email. It is recommended that you change this emailed password, in the "My Account" page, at your next login.

Credit Card And Debit Card Information

BRAEWORKS does not save credit card nor debit card information. Card information is sent to a secure payment gateway provider as SSL encrypted data. Card information is deleted after the transaction. If you enter the wrong information, you will need to re-enter the card information again to complete the transaction.
In the event of the use a stolen card or fraud, the card information is held by the payment gateway provider and passed to the relevant authorities along with other information provided by BRAEWORKS. The card owner will be refunded as soon as possible.


BRAEWORKS uses cookies to save session information and user preferences.

Java and Javascript

The BRAEWORKS web sites do not use java.

The BRAEWORKS web sites use js for calculations, checking user input data and providing dynamic/interactive feedback to the customer.

Private Information Security

Private information is exchanged on the internet using SSL data encryption. BRAEWORKS has a number of registered SSL encryption certificates to provide encryption of information. Each SSL certificate is traceable to a BRAEWORKS server.

Access to private information at BRAEWORKS is only accessible by shop administrator/s, to maintain orders and delivery information to support customers. There is no access to customers financial information. BRAEWORKS does not save credit card nor debit card information.

If you have any enquires, please contact us.