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BRAEWORKS provides the following services;-

Statistical analysis support.

BRAEWORKS can provide technical support functions for data processing and data analysis. These functions include;-

  • Apache and IIS server log analysis.
  • Data logger record analysis.
  • Fourier analysis.
  • Custom analysis as required.

The results can be hierarchical data mines, spreadsheet files or generated wed pages, depending on the complexity, containing graphics and/or tables.

Please note: Any specialised software written for providing data analysis remains the intellectual property of BRAEWORKS. The software is written to run on the equipment at BRAEWORKS and would not be appropriate on other equipment. It has no setup nor installation functions and is written at a lower cost and on an as required basis.

Web Site Apllications, Webservices and Maintenance.

BRAEWORKS can design, update, modify and maintain web pages or whole web sites, including domain name registration, SSL certificates, internet hosting and intranet set up.

BRAEWORKS has produced several webservices applications for remote linking financial data (e.g. from online store accounts to financial records accounts), product inventory warehouse/shop automation, time sheet consolidation and others.

Examples of BRAEWORKS web applications are available for free download. Including the content management system used for this web site and other sites. And for the links manager used on other sites.

Application Software Design.

BRAEWORKS can design custom applications. The application source code language can be written in;-

  • Microsoft ® BATCH/CMD: .bat, .cmd and .vbs command processor.
  • C: in ANSI, GCC/GNU or Microsoft ® source.
  • C++: in ANSI, G++/GNU or MS Visual C++ ® source.
  • HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL/SQLite/Javascript/Ajax: web applications and standalone applications.
  • Linux shell: in sh, bash and awk for small applications.
  • Mixed code: two or more of the above.

Software applications can be designed to run on these target platforms;-

  • Microsoft ® Windows ® 98, 2000, XP and 7 (.BAT. CMD, .VBS, .EXE, or .DLL formats).
  • Linux binary (ELF and .SO formats), shell (script) and PHP/MySQL/SQLite (script).
  • Apaches pages (HTML/CSS and PHP/MySQL/SQLite).
  • Limited services available for older platform formats.

Electronic Hardware Design.

BRAEWORKS provides a number of hardware design services. The design output documentation can include;-

  • Design specification, design cost estimates and project management,
  • Schematic design and schematic simulation,
  • Parts list (recipes), bills of materials (BOMs) and product cost estimates,
  • Schematic capture and schematic net listing,
  • Printed circuit board layout, design rule checking and CAM file generation,
  • Wiring diagrams (cables, harnesses, connectors),
  • Mechanical drawings (sub-racks, front panels, heatsinks, small parts),
  • Testing procedures, work instructions and production testing,
  • Product specification and user manual/s,

Embedded Firmware Design.

BRAEWORKS can design and develop embedded software (firmware). This design service is very similar to the application software design process, except an intimate knowledge of the hardware running the firmware is required by the programmer. Programming languages available are;-

  • Machine code: for start up code and driver functions.
  • C and Embedded C: for the embedded application.
  • C++ and Embedded C++: for the embedded application (C++ preferred).
  • SQLite: for the embedded database.
  • MySQL: for the remote database.

BRAEWORKS has designed firmware to run on these target processors and micro controllers;-

  • Intel: x86 processors.
  • Zilog: Z80, Z180, Z181 and Z182 microprocessors.
  • Motorola: 68HC05, 68HC11, 68HC12 microcontrollers and there derivatives.
  • Texas Instruments: TMS320 DSPs and MSP430 series microcontrollers.
  • ATMEL: ARM7, ARM9 and AVR32 series microcontrollers/SOCs.
  • Microchip: PIC series microcontrollers.

Linux and LAMP Installation and Administration.

BRAEWORKS can provide installation and administration for in house or internet server hosting on Linux operating systems for servers, on customer supplied or new hardware.

If you have any questions, please contact us.