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MXR01 Series Products

The MXR01 series of modular communications products are available for power utilities and other companies requiring remote sensing and control of infrastructure and other equipment.

MXR01SR MXR01SR 19 inch sub rack accommodates up to 8 modules with a total of 48 communications circuits. Each signaling circuit is terminated into RJ45 8 way connectors, suitable for CAT5 UTP type patch cords and cabling. The sub rack provides dual power supply input terminals and alarm circuit terminals.
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MXR01V28 MXR01V28 module is used to isolate, split and combine (mix) up to six stimulate and response V24 signal groups based on V28 signaling requirements. The MXR01V28 module is housed in the MXR01SR sub rack, providing 6 RJ45 connections for to EIA-561 (RS232D, RS232 on RJ45). Up to 8 MXR01V28 modules can be fitted to a MXR01SR subrack.
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